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Smile for the Camera - Cover

Hi all! Taking a break from Imagine That for a bit longer because I'm exhausted from drawing so many Beleths, Orobases, and Amdusiases, since they're currently starring in the main comic. Also Imagine That is huge and I need more time to recharge for the final leg of the chapter.

This comic shouldn't be longer than like, 10 pages, and it stars some Turf Tigers. You don't need to read the main comic's This Means WAR chapter to enjoy the porn, but it does give a little more context in case that kind of thing interests you! Also we made a game demo of This Means WAR, too, for the Floraverse 3rd anniversary.

Anyway, this comic is actually about ~boys~ being gay, for once. A break from the many girls and enby cats! Enjoy!