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This is a piece about people misinterpreting your feelings when you don't clearly state who your feelings are about. It's a phenomenon I saw a lot on Twitter and Tumblr when I used it - everyone looks for feelings that they think are about themselves and gets frightened when someone else expresses extreme dislike of X for reasons that aren't necessarily clear or valid. I got the idea for this piece after I was trying to figure out which emotions to work through today, and I had a conversation with a friend where I talked about how multiple people have misinterpreted the feelings as about them when they haven't been, and then they pointed me in the direction of someone I used to talk to who did the same exact thing. I thought having a description where I talked about the circumstances behind the pieces would help alleviate some of that "vagueposting fear" that everyone seems to get, but apparently I need to do a better job. I'm going to be more specific in the hopes that someone else doesn't misinterpret my intentions here.

To whom this piece may concern: I haven't really thought about you for months. I don't say anything bad about you to anyone. I keep my thoughts to myself. You don't do the same for me, so I decided I'd make a piece about it. I'm not naming you, though. I hope you can understand how weird it looks from my perspective when I accepted you telling me you were going to be cutting me out of your life because it was the "right thing to do" - and I understood when you told me that you wished your ex-friends had done the same thing before they dropped you without saying a word. I thought this would be the end of it, and I had no idea you would go on being bitter over it, nor did I remotely anticipate you'd feel guilt at what you said was best for you to do. I hope that you can find some peace from this message. I also hope you can learn to channel your feelings into something a little more constructive. I suggest art and comics.