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I had an idea for a comic, finally. It's going to be kind of heavy, like the pinups. I'll make sure to CW anything upsetting in the title of the pages as I post them; I know the choice for posting this on forbiddenflora is a little odd, but it's going to veer into sexual abuse I've gone through at points, so it's just not fit for the main site. But I think "mature content" is kind of forbiddenflora's whole thing!

I PROMISE I'LL DO REGULAR PINUPS AND STUFF TOO! I'm definitely not leaving that stuff behind! I need cute/hot in between my despair or I get super lost down the hole. Anyway! Thanks for reading! Please feel free to ask questions about anything as it gets posted. I'm still going to be posting little anecdotes to go with each page so that it's not just "bad feelings with no resolution" - these are all going to be based on things that happened during my life, so I'd be happy to talk about any of the situations a little more involved, in case anything I talk about reminds you of stuff you went through, too. I appreciate it, guys! This is gonna be a really personal work, but I'm so excited for it. I've wanted to do something like this for so long!