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Life of the Party

Little illustration sketch thing for Nymlus's story, "The Life of the Party"! Pasted in full below:

The doorbell jingled in Vicente’s bar, and Nymlus stepped inside. It was little more than a ramshackle hut with six stools and a counter, but she seemed nonetheless delighted to pay a visit. The two of them exchanged a merry glance as she made her way onto one of the chairs, slowly, utilizing every limb on her minute frame for the task.

“Got work for me today, Vick?”

“As a matter of fact, I do!”

They were a strange pair, the frilled petal dragon and the palmed lamini. She barely reached the edge of the counter while standing on her seat, and the wooly barkeep towered above her by comparison. As all those of her kind, Nymlus was wrapped in a flowerlike frill, with her head in the middle of it and a couple of yellow stamens poking out on every side. The petals were royal blue, and the rest of her body had a darker shade of the same color.

Vicente pulled out a wrinkled paper from one of the drawers in the back and walked over to her with it, rereading it on the way. “Closed a big deal last night. Customer brought me this order here. It says they want three bottles of Passionate Peach and four of Lecherous Lime by noon, so you’d better start mixing.”

“Oh, hoho!” Nymlus looked down at the note with a broad smile on her face. “I don’t know who they are, but I like them already.”

“It’s a group of gnolls, I think. Only one of ‘em came in with the order, but I heard the others laughing outside. He mumbled something about a party.”

“Party, huh?” Nymlus grabbed the paper and started reading. “Well, this shouldn’t be too hard. Think they might let me join in? I’m not much of a drinker, but I’d hate to miss out on the party.”

Vicente wrinkled his nose. “Perhaps, but I’d be cautious if I were you. I haven’t seen the fella before, and they seemed like a boisterous bunch, all in all.”

“If you say so.” She crawled up on the counter and lay down with her back to the wooden surface, waving her tail to and fro. “Well, what are you waiting for? Bring me the drinks and I’ll make 'em worth drinking.”

“I’ll let that one slide.”


Nymlus marched on, her hands and feet knocking on the pavement in a steady rhythm, while she did her best to remain cool and collected. Truth be told, the cart tugged at her tail something fierce, but she’d been too proud to ask for help with it and all she could do now was to hope the trip would be mercifully short.

She stopped at a corner of the street and checked the signs. Seems like her target was somewhere down the alley. Drawing a deep breath, she continued on all fours into the narrow passage, the weight of the cart giving her tail another pang of discomfort.

“Finally,” she muttered to herself. The door was right in front of her, providing entrance to an average-sized house, perhaps four or five rooms on each of its two floors. There were no names written on the wall, but the address was right. She carefully removed the leash from her tail and let it drop to the ground. A proper harness would have to be Vicky’s next purchase, without question.

She inspected the contents of the cart. Those wine bottles looked mighty appetizing at this point, but she shrugged it off. A promise is a promise, and it’s not even her wine to begin with.

Two firm knocks. Silence.

Another two knocks. She started hearing some footsteps shuffling closer on the other side, and a moment later, the door opened, revealing an unkempt gnoll towering three times tall above her.

“Arruh?” The gnoll snorted, studying the courier with dozens of industrious brain cells. “Wine.”

“Yep! Three Passionate Peach, four Lecherous Lime, freshly enchanted.” She flourished her right hand, gesturing towards the bottles in the cart. “It’s all paid in advance, so go ahead and do as you please.”

“Hrr-ouh.” He walked out of the house and stopped near the cart, then lowered his snout and took in two long sniffs - one at the wine bottles, and one at her. “Smell good.”

“Um… I’m glad you think so…?” She stifled a laugh.


The gnoll stood up straight, his face making some relatively thoughtful grimace. He looked at Nymlus, then at the leash that was attached to the front of the cart, and then looked up and down the alley.

Then he placed one foot on the cart and ripped off the leash.

“Whoa!” Nymlus jumped backwards to avoid getting hit by the flailing rope. “Hey, what are you doing? Oof!”

She hardly had time to react to this sudden turn of events before the gnoll had her in his grip. He clutched her effortlessly in his right hand, and with the leash in his left, he started walking back into the house.

“W-what is the meaning of this!” Nymlus squirmed, doing her best to escape but only capable of wiggling her toes and squeaking out some weak complaints.

The gnoll opened up another door on the right side of the hallway leading to the kitchen and walked in. He placed her belly-first on the table in the middle of the room and started tying her up with the leash. It wasn’t long, but it was enough to lock both of her arms behind her back with some length to spare.

“Hrmmhm.” The gnoll mumbled behind her. “No party yet. One more hour, then party. You can wait here.”

Then he walked out and closed the door, leaving her alone in the room.

“Wait a minute! I have work to do!” Nymlus sighed. “Drat.”

She looked around, making some tentative movements with her legs. She might be able to stand up, if she tried really hard at it. But then what? The door was closed, and she would have had difficulty opening it even without the leash. Much as she disliked it, there seemed to be no other option than to wait for the savage to return.

“This had better be a damned good party…”


The passage of time often seems quicker when you have something to do, so Nymlus was doing all sorts of things. For example, she was staring at an intriguing pattern on the walls, practicing her sighing technique, and thinking about listening to Vicente’s advice more carefully next time.

The gnoll seemed to be busy making preparations. She could hear him moving back and forth in the hall with some heavy items. Furniture, perhaps. He never entered the kitchen, though, so she was still on her own.

Then, she heard more footsteps. Footsteps and laughter, growing higher in volume as the new arrivals walked inside and made themselves comfortable in the house. Gnolls were not the most eloquent speakers, and she could scarcely make out a word from where she was. Something about wine. Wine… and sex. More thunderous laughter.

The door swung open, and in walked the same gnoll as before. He stopped in front of her and sniffed at her, mere centimeters away from her face. At this distance, she could see that his features were marred by several jagged scars from conflicts of the past. “Hrrm-hm. You. Ready for party?”

“Really,” the frilled petal dragon replied, “at this point I’m ready for pretty much anything. Just get me out of this leash and let me do something. I’m bored out of my skull!”

“Yurrhup.” The gnoll picked her up and went out of the kitchen and down the hall, bringing her to the living room, ignoring her squirms and noises.

The place was quiet when they stepped in, oddly enough. There were two tables in the room, a larger and a smaller one; chairs sat around the larger, while the smaller one was situated in front of a velvet sofa. Three other gnolls were seated at the large table, and the drinks she had brought earlier were with them as well, uncorked and bunched together on the other end of the long surface. It dawned on her that no snacks had been prepared for the guests, and she began to suspect in horror that she was their snack.

With a thud, Nymlus landed in the middle of the table, and immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

“So the blue dragon has come, just as I said she would.” A gnoll on the left was the first to speak up, and she turned her head to look at him. She noticed he was a lot cleaner than that other one, his fur carefully groomed and free of clumps. And that voice seemed familiar to her somehow, though she couldn’t quite place it…

“Yesssir, you certainly did.” The gnoll sitting next to that one replied through his teeth. He was leaning casually against the backrest of his chair and smoking a cigarette, the chemical odor wafting through the air with each of his breaths. “But then, we do not doubt ze great Carlos, hm?”

“Nurr-uh.” The stupid one chimed in. “Carlos always right.”

“'Cept when he aint.” The last one quipped, watching Nymlus with one eye held shut.

“She is drawn to men like a moth to the candlelight.” Carlos continued, then waved his paw towards the bottles of wine in the corner. “And if our friend Pretzel here is to be believed, she also knows how to produce magic refreshments. Fancy that, huh?”

“Magic. Yurrup. Must be magic. Yes.” Pretzel stood up from his seat and put his paws on the table, drops of saliva flying from his mouth while he spoke. “Drank this before. Is very strange drink. Yurr-hurrp. Taste good. Make you feel strange.”

“I reckon we’ll have a magical party today, then!” Carlos smiled, then glanced at the smoker next to him. “Victor, would you serve us the wine?”

“I aim to pleassse.” Victor stood up, then carefully picked up a bottle and started filling his glass.

There was a moment of silence, and Nymlus gathered the courage to speak. “Guys. I don’t want to spoil the party, but I’m a bit uncomfortable here. Can you let me out of this leash? Pretty please?”

“Oh, but that would spoil the party!” Carlos laughed, and the others quickly joined in, their loud cheers grating on her fragile ears. “I know you well, Nymlus. There is no reason to hide your true character.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“All in due time.” Carlos watched Victor fill up his glass, and nodded in thanks. “First, we’re going to have some wine.”

“That's…” Nymlus gulped. Now the pieces began to fall into place. “L-lime…”

“Yesss, indeed. Lecherouz Lime. A most potent and delightful wine.” Victor walked around the table and began to help the two remaining guests.

She watched silently as the gnolls received their wine and idly bantered one another. The implications of the situation she had found herself in were starting to become clear, and she had to admit that the whole thing seemed more appealing now. Those were some big, strong men, alright. And she hadn’t gotten any male attention in a long time - almost an entire day, now!

“A toast to our merry band, to Rumblecliff, and a good week of study!” Carlos raised his glass.

“Aye.” The quiet one raised his, and Nymlus noticed that his right eye was still shut. “A toast.”

“Perhaps ze pet would like some wine as well, hm?”

“What? Who?” Nymlus looked up at Victor.

“Not you, my dear pet.” Victor replied, and the group laughed again. “I refer to ze mossamander, Trojan, entrusted to me by my father.”

“A mossamander? I didn’t even know they could be tamed!”

“Things change quickly in the archipelago, little dragon.” Carlos took a deep swig of his wine. “And Victor’s father is a clever man. Especially so when it comes to business. When he comes up with a new idea, you can be sure he’ll make a profit out of it.”

“Ze specimen is quite valuable, you see.” Victor put the cigarette out in his ashtray, then immediately replaced it with another one. “And ze information gained from ze drinking of zis wine even more so. My father will be pleased to hear my findings.”

She looked over at the others and saw that Pretzel had already downed his whole glass. The gnoll was watching her with an odd glint in his eyes.

“Strong wine. Very strong, yurrup.”

“Most certainly.” Carlos was taking careful sips of his glass. “If you’d like, you can begin the festivities while Victor goes to check on Trojan.”

“Sounds good to me,” Victor replied. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

Victor headed off to a door at the other end of the room, with whatever remained in the wine bottle, presumably destined for the mossamander’s maw. While Nymlus was looking at him go, she felt a paw on her back, pulling her off the table and up in the air. She only caught a brief glance of who the paw belonged to - that adorable dunce, Pretzel - before she was pushed face-first below the table and right into Pretzel’s crotch.

Her face brushed the fur on his balls. Almost by reflex, she inhaled and took in the strong scent of gnoll balls, the smell quickly overpowering her senses. He knew how to get her in the mood, all right. Before long, she had opened her mouth and started suckling on the growing, red canine shaft.

“Hurr. Yur-hurr…”

“Take your time with her,” Carlos said, smiling and taking another sip. “You deserve it for giving our guest such a warm reception.”

Nymlus’ mouth was now opened wide, wrapped neatly around the massive length. The knot was already beginning to form, a large bulb shining red in front of her face. She felt the gnoll’s paw on the back of her head, pushing her towards the knot and shoving more of his dick into her mouth. More and more, until finally her lips were flush with the surface of the knot, the rest of the canine cock buried in her throat.

He put both his paws around the little flower lizard’s body and began thrusting, her mouth bouncing up and down, hitting the knot with each push and causing the gnoll to grunt in satisfaction. The action did not last for long, and she heard him yowl out as he began to reach his climax. He kept thrusting even while the first jets of his cum started shooting down her throat, an expression of lust plastered across her tiny features. The shaft throbbed with each spurt and the knot grew even larger. Finally the gnoll pushed her into the knot again and left her there, the cock firmly in place while he pumped the rest of his seed into her. Only a few drops of it managed to escape, dripping down her chin and onto the gnoll’s fur.

“Huhuh. Yerrup. Very good,” the gnoll said, panting. “Very good.”

“A shame I can’t ask her what she thinks of it,” Carlos remarked. “Reckon she’d find it hard to respond at the moment.”

“Mmhmm.” Pretzel ruffled the petals around her neck with his left paw. “You suck good. You can do it again later.”

“Put her back on the table, now.”

Nodding, Pretzel pulled Nymlus up and off his cock, the big shaft leaving her mouth with a pop. He lifted her up and dropped her on the table where she was before, only instead of lying down she was sitting awkwardly on her rump. The leash still tied her arms to her back, but now her petals were untidy and her chin was stained with gnoll cum.

“Enjoying yourself,” Carlos said. It wasn’t even a question - only a statement. How did he know her so well?

“Hmph.” Nymlus replied. “What’s next?”

“Well, I’d say I’m about ready to have a go.” Carlos laughed. “Unless Faust wants to try it first, that is.”

“Nah.” The quiet gnoll crossed his legs. “You first.”

“All right. But I’ll want something different from Pretzel, so this could take a bit more time.”

Slowly, Carlos stood up from his chair and picked up Nymlus from the table. Then, carrying Nymlus with him, he walked over to the small table on the other side of the room. He placed her on it, and started adjusting his position.

“Gotta have some leverage to do this right.” He put her at the edge of the table, spread her legs, and placed his paws on the leash.

She felt the tip of his dick poke her butt, and she shuddered with anticipation. The gnoll lowered himself slightly and tried again, this time precisely hitting the mark he had intended. She gasped as the gnoll’s tip touched her pussy.

“Ooh…” Nymlus said, her voice a bit hoarse from the load she’d gulped down a moment before. “This’ll be fun.”

“I’m in the mood for a tie, so you’d best prepare yourself.”

The gnoll thrust forward, and his dick effortlessly entered the wet opening. Nymlus moaned, the canine dick already filling her nicely, but she knew that this was only beginning. She had some experience with dogs, and one of the neat things about them is how their dicks keep growing while they’re fucking you.

“Mmf,” Nymlus groaned. “So you’re.. nnf… knotting me, you say? Good idea… oof.”

She couldn’t talk too well - those thrusts of his took the words out of her mouth. Each push into the frilled petal dragon elicited another moan, and the shaft grew larger within. She could feel the swelling of the knot in her folds, and it pleased her greatly.

“What d'ya say we up the pace a little bit?”

“Nff… up the pace? But you’re already…” Nymlus stopped as the gnoll suddenly started humping her like mad. “Oh-ooh! Mmm! Yes! Ohh!”

Carlos was pushing into her like there was no tomorrow, his dick rubbing against her walls, both of them lost in the pleasure of it all. But it was getting more difficult for him to push - she was just too tight!

“Ahh, now we’re talkin’ -” Carlos grunted.

“Oohhh…!” Nymlus shuddered as her body was rocked by an intense orgasm. Still, Carlos was only getting started. He picked her up from the table and held her aloft, his paws wrapped around her belly. Meanwhile, he continued thrusting his massive canine cock as far as he could inside her small opening.

“If we’re to continue like this…” Carlos said, panting. “I’d better make use of my new skills.”


Nymlus felt something tickling on her belly and looked down. Carlos was using one of the digits on his right paw to draw some kind of shape on her skin. A magical rune, perhaps? She could barely pay attention to what was going on in the middle of getting fucked silly by the gnoll’s swelling shaft.

“Huff… here it comes!”

Using both of his paws, Carlos pushed her down into his crotch, causing the entire dick to go inside of her with a 'pop’, knot and all. He let out a bestial growl and the first of many jets of cum was shot into her waiting pussy. The frilled petal dragon moaned and closed her eyes, always happy to be filled by a male friend. Her tiny legs rested on each side of his furry balls while he unloaded their contents.

“Oohh wow!” Nymlus struggled against the leash, but still couldn’t move her paws. “You’re cumming so much…”

“Ahhh… well, I’d reckon this is about normal for me,” Carlos laughed.

“Yurrp. Normal for Carlos,” Pretzel added.

The knot was getting bigger, still. At this point it was large enough to lock them together, completing their tie. With his partner in his arms, he walked over to the sofa and fell onto it, lying down on his back. He turned Nymlus around, so she could ride him cowgirl for the rest of the act.

“Heavens…” Nymlus looked at her belly. It was getting rounder with each spurt, and it seemed like he wasn’t going to stop any time soon. “The dogs I’ve fucked before certainly cummed a lot, but this is something else.”

“Oh, don’t worry, lass.” Carlos smiled and looked her in the eyes. “So long as that spell is in effect, I’m sure you can take it.”

“Oh? So that was a spell, after all.”

“Elasticity.” Carlos winked. “Figured I’d practice something I learned at the academy last week.”

Nymlus blushed. It made sense now… the reason he could take his huge knot and all of his cum was because of the spell.

“I’m back.” They heard Victor’s voice coming from the other side of the room. “I brought ze mossamander, as well. He was quite… invigorated by ze wine.”

“I’m not all done yet,” Carlos said. “But I reckon I can arrange something for you and your pet, regardless.”

Reluctantly, Carlos sat up from the sofa and turned Nymlus back around until she was facing the other way. Then, he put Nymlus down on the table, resting her round belly on its surface. In this position, Carlos was sitting on the sofa, Nymlus was lying on the table, and there was enough room for another participant. She gulped, unsure what was going to happen next.

“So,” Victor said. “Tell me, Nymlus. Have you ever had sex with a mossamander?”

“Uh… I don’t think so?” She replied, looking nervously at the mossy amphibian that followed Victor across the room.

“I see. Well, zey are quite romantic creatures, as I’m sure you’ll find.” Victor led his pet towards Nymlus, and it quickly took notice of the girl. “Allow my prized companion to introduce himself.”

The mossamander was just the right height to be on the same level as Nymlus when it reached her, and sniffed her petal frill for a moment, apparently pleased with her scent.

“Hey, sexy.” Nymlus looked at the beast while it examined her. “What do you wanna do with me?”

The mossamander bumped its nose on hers, and she giggled. Then, without much warning, it pulled its tongue out and started nudging her lips with it. She could hardly resist, and before long, it worked its tongue inside of her mouth.

“Bet you’re in for a little surprise, lass.” Carlos laughed behind her.

Nymlus played along with the sloppy kiss, allowing the mossamander to explore her mouth with its tongue. It had a much bigger tongue than she expected, and she wasn’t sure why a creature like this would be so interested in kissing, either. She looked the beast in the eyes, trying to figure out what was going on.

Then, the mossamander’s tongue started throbbing in her mouth, and something sprayed out of the tip, coating her insides. Oh dear… if that was what she thought it was…

“As you can see.” Victor explained, while the mossamander continued shooting fluids inside of Nymlus. “Ze mossamander reproduces… orally. It’s quite a precious specimen, no?”

Nymlus gulped, swallowing some mossamander cum in the process. It seemed like she had no choice in the matter. Her butt was locked in place by Carlos’ knot, and her arms were bound to her back with that leash, so all she could do was swallow.

The mossamander’s tongue found its way into her throat, and started ejaculating directly into it. Splurt, splurt. She was well and truly fucked.

“I am a generous man,” Victor said. “So I will let my pet have all ze fun this day.”

“Mmf! Mmm-mm…” Nymlus’ mouth was overflowing with mossamander cum, and the thick tongue made it impossible to breathe. Just when she thought she was going to pass out, the mossamander withdrew its tongue for a moment, causing her to gasp for air. She took several deep breaths, but before she could say anything, the creature pushed its tongue inside of her again.

“Very good, very good.”

She looked over at Victor, and blushed when she noticed that he was writing in his notebook while watching her. She couldn’t really tell what it was, but she assumed it had something to do with the cocktongue ejaculating in her mouth.

A few minutes later, the mossamander pulled its tongue out at last and walked away. A steady stream of cum flowed out of Nymlus’ mouth, and she groaned, exhausted by the ordeal. In her cum-filled daze, she didn’t even notice that Carlos had untied the leash around her body and discarded it on the floor. Perhaps it was necessary, because her belly was now completely round, filled with gnoll and mossamander cum beyond her wildest imagination.

“Well, well.” Carlos mused. “I’m about ready to pull out of ya, myself. Would be a shame, though. I like the way you look.”

“Yurrr. She look round and very cute.” Pretzel said.

“I think I can do something about that, though.”

Nymlus panted, her eyes half-closed. She hardly noticed when Carlos made another gesture and enchanted her with yet another spell. But she woke up from her trance when he pulled out his canine cock from her pussy. The knot had shrunk down enough that it was possible for him to get it out, but the “pop” still made her wince.

“There. I think I’m done for tonight.” Carlos laughed.

“Hey…” Nymlus gawked at her round belly. “Hey! Nothing is coming out!”

“That’s the point.”

“Oh dear…” Nymlus flailed with her little arms, but it was no use. She was free from the leash, but she couldn’t move anymore. Her belly was bloated with his cum so much that she couldn’t reach the ground… and he had put a spell on her so none of it was coming out. “I’m… stuck, aren’t I?”

“Seems like it.”

Pretzel suddenly started laughing really loud. “Oh hoho… hrrr… huhu… Carlos, you’re so smart. This is funny!”

Victor left the room together with the mossamander, mumbling something about his research. Pretzel was laughing at Nymlus, tears welling up in his eyes. Carlos was relaxing in the sofa, satisfied with his work.

“I reckon there’s only one gnoll left before the party is over.”

Pretzel stopped laughing. “Oh! Ohh! No no, Carlos. I need to go again. Yurr-rrrup. Wanna have more fun with Nymlus.”

“After me.” Faust spoke up, for the first time in what seemed like hours.

“Oh-kay. You first.” Pretzel went back to get himself some more wine.

Nymlus watched silently while the last gnoll walked up in front of her. The battle-scarred man would have stopped someone twice her size dead in their tracks. Now that she had a closer look at him, she also realized why his right eye had been closed this entire time.

“Um…” She tried to force some words out, but couldn’t think of anything.


“Hey,” Carlos interposed from the sofa. “Think it might be a good idea for you to do some magic, as well.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

Faust put his right paw on Nymlus’ nose, and mumbled something under his breath. She had no idea what was going on. But then, something clicked.

“W-wha…” Nymlus stopped, and lay still for a moment. Then she smiled weakly. “Oh… I get it now.”


“Y-yeah…” She gulped. “I’m ready.”

Faust walked closer, and pushed his crotch into her face, his red tip bumping into her lips. She opened her mouth and started circling the tip with her tongue. This is it, she thought. I’ll show him what I’m made of.

The position was comfortable, when she got used to it. The big, round belly made for a soft pillow for the rest of her little body. It allowed her to focus her attention on the task at hand: to coax the last gnoll’s member out of its hiding place.

This gnoll wasn’t so easy to please. She had to spend several minutes licking away at him, slurping on the cock tip, before it began to come out. She put her lips over his sheath so that his whole penis was in her mouth from the start, while it grew to its full size, helped on the way by her experienced tongue.

Pretzel watched the two carefully, sipping on his wine and scratching his balls with the other paw.

Faust was growing larger and larger. She couldn’t tell quite yet, but he seemed to have the biggest dick of them all. She did her best with her tongue, licking around the cock tip and slurping up his pre, although it became gradually more difficult to reach around it. A moment later, it was so large she could only get to the underside of the shaft, and it became harder to swallow his pre correctly, but she was determined to give it her all.

“Looking good so far,” Carlos remarked. “But do you think you can handle all of Faust?”


Nymlus replied, her voice muffled by the rapidly growing shaft. She felt Faust put his paws on the back of her head. Holding her firmly, he pushed forward, causing the knot to come out of his sheath and rest upon her tongue, while the rest of his cock was buried in her throat.

She couldn’t speak at all now, but she still had some tricks up her frill. She reached out and cupped her hands around his furry balls, fondling them at a careful and steady pace. A grunt of pleasure served as proof to the success of her plan.

“You’re better at this… than I thought,” Faust said.

“Hurr-roh!” Pretzel chuckled. “Nymlus is really good. You won’t last long with her, yu-hurp.”

The knot was still growing, filling the little dragon’s mouth and causing her cheeks to inflate like a balloon. Her tongue was pinned underneath the knot, but she continued using her paws to massage his sack and try to break through his stoic demeanor. Judging by the sounds he was making, she was quite successful at that.


Faust let out a loud howl and held on to Nymlus tight while he began to ejaculate. His cock was so deep inside her mouth that it shot straight down her throat and into her tummy. She closed her eyes, savoring the reward of her efforts. More and more cum spurted out, her gnollish friend releasing everything he had.

“Never seen you come that early before.” Carlos laughed. “I reckon you’ve finally met your match in this gal.”

Faust kept on cumming, filling Nymlus up even more than before. She was turning into a blue beach ball, now. The frilled petal dragon would have rolled off the table and down to the floor if it wasn’t for the gnollish knot locking her mouth in place. Faust’s massive cock remained hilted in her, puffing up her face and giving her the time of her life.

“Arr-oh.” Pretzel mumbled. “Nymlus is really okay?”

“Aye,” Carlos nodded. “Don’t you worry 'bout a thing, Pretzel. So long as that ventilation spell is in effect, I reckon she could stick her head underwater without a care in the world.”

“That’s a good spell, arr-up.” Pretzel fiddled with his fingers. “Faust, are you done?”

Faust laughed. “I think this will take a while.”

“Hrr…” Pretzel whined. “I take the other side, then.”

“Fine with me,” Faust replied.

Carlos got up from the sofa and helped them move the table so that Nymlus’ butt was better exposed for Pretzel. Then he went over to the table to get himself another drink.

Pretzel wasted no time getting started on his second round. He grabbed her butt with his paws and pushed his crotch onto hers, his soft penis quickly getting out of its sheath. She was still gulping down cum from Faust, and hardly noticed anything else that was going on. But when Pretzel started humping her and his growing member rubbed against her walls, her eyes went open.

“This is it,” Carlos remarked. He was watching the threesome from a small distance away, sipping on his glass of wine. “This is what Nymlus loves more than anything. To be used and abused by lustful males three times her own size. Aye, it’s her dream life and she’ll be eternally grateful for it.”

“Rr-roh. Ooh.” Pretzel was happily thrusting inside Nymlus, spreading her pussy wide with his red shaft. “Nymlus… is so… good!”

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Arroh? Hoh…” Pretzel was panting. “What’s the noise?”

Knock knock knock!

“It seems we have a visitor,” Carlos said. “I wonder who it is.”

Carlos snapped his fingers, and the front door flung open, revealing their visitor for all to see. And perhaps more importantly, their visitor could see all of them.


Vicente took a few steps inside the living room, but the sight stopped him dead in his tracks.

“I noticed it was taking a long time for you to come back, and I… um…” He gulped. “I, ah… I wanted to see if you were doing alright.”

“Are you that Vicente fellow? I don’t believe we’ve met,” Carlos mused.

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Anyroad, there’s no point in talking to Nymlus now. I reckon there’s some other matters she must attend to.” Carlos waved his paw towards an empty chair. “Better have a seat while you wait for your turn.”

“Ohh-hooh! Awooo!” Pretzel howled, then made a final push into Nymlus’ pussy before he started cumming for his second time that night. His knot popped into place, and he held on tight for the climax.

Vicente reluctantly sat down next to Carlos, while Carlos poured a glass for him. It was quite a sight for the bartender. His helpless assistant was tied in both ends at the same time, to say nothing of her shape.

“Ah. I’ve never seen her so…”


“Right.” Vicente swallowed nervously. “And how can she breathe?”

“At the moment, she has no need to breathe.” Carlos smiled. “I reckon she’s enjoying that spell quite a bit. Perhaps Faust will teach her how to cast it someday, if she can make it worth his while.”

“I’m no teacher,” Faust replied with a harrumph.

“Not even in exchange for sex?”

“Hm…” Faust crossed his arms. “Maybe. She’s cute.”

Nymlus was still gagged by the knot in her mouth, although it was shrinking at last. Faust grabbed her head, and with a bit of force he was able to pull himself out, his knot popping free of its hiding place and a string of cum dribbling down on the floor.

“Aaahhh…” Nymlus moaned, but was interrupted by a noisy burp. “W-wow.”

“Nymlus!” Vicente turned his eyes towards her. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah… I’m feeling great.” She wiggled her hips a bit. Her mouth was free, but she was still knotted by Pretzel on the other end. “These guys… they’ve got some hefty balls, I tell ya.”

“Harr.” Pretzel chuckled. “And you emptied them all, yuhrrp.”

“My goodness…” Vicente blushed and looked away.

“Hey, Vick!”


Nymlus smiled up at Vicente. “Want me to suck you off?”

“U-uhm…” Vicente gulped.

Carlos poked him and chuckled. “Hey, we don’t judge.”

“Fine!” He stood up. “But I’ll go and close the door first, okay?”

Vicente stormed off to the front door and closed it, then came back to the living room, walking slowly towards Nymlus. She smiled at him as he approached. He had already gotten hard from watching them fucking, so now all he had to do was put it in.

“Get over here, Vic,” Nymlus said. “You helped us with the wine, so it’s only fair if you get to cum in me too.”

“I was just doing my job, but okay.”

Vicente put his hand on his long shaft and guided it towards her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his tip and used her tongue to play with his hole, licking up some of the residue from an earlier discharge. He moved a little closer so she could reach more of his dick, and she used her own hands to massage the length and slightly nudge it towards herself.

“Ah…” Vicente stood still, subdued by the pleasure of her treatment.

“She’s quite the cocksucker, isn’t she?” Carlos laughed.

“R-right. Ohh…”

Vicente moaned as Nymlus increased her pace, licking and sucking on his cock in wide motions. He couldn’t help himself and started using his own hands to stroke the base of his dick while Nymlus sucked the top. He caught a glance at Pretzel’s face and blushed when he realized again that he was being watched.

“Hrr-oh.” Pretzel smiled. “You a good friend of Nymlus? She suck you often?”

“Ah…” Vicente was panting. “S-sometimes…”

“A good friend, then.” Carlos said. “She’s not too hard to please. Give her some dick every once in a while and she’ll be happy.”

Pretzel grabbed her butt and pushed himself out, his knot popping free, but his cum remained inside. The spell Carlos had put on her was still in effect, keeping all their fluids inside of Nymlus and making sure she was round as a ball. He walked over to the sofa where Carlos had previously been and lay down to relax for the moment.

“Ohh man…” Vicente looked down at Nymlus while she slurped on his cock. “I’m getting close…”

His words encouraged her, and she rubbed and licked on him at an even greater pace, until he finally exploded - his first spurt going into her mouth and landing on her tongue. But in the middle of his climax, she pushed his dick out and put it over her forehead. The next shot of his seed splashed all over her face. He moaned in pleasure while the frilled petal dragon used his load to give herself a good shower.

When Vicente had finished cumming, he opened his eyes and blushed, realizing what she had done.

“Wow…” He slowly rubbed on his dick, getting the last few drops out. “I guess merely drinking it up wasn’t good enough for you, huh?”

“Mmhmm.” Nymlus passed her hands over her face, spreading out Vicente’s cum evenly across her features. “I like yours the most, so I wanna make sure it sticks on me for a while.”

The gnolls chuckled, and Vicente looked away in silence.

“Hey,” a voice came from the door on the other side of the table. “Is the party already over, hm?”

“Not yet, but I’d say we’re about to wrap things up,” Carlos said to Victor. “Did you want to have a go?”

“Ah, I don’t need it.” Victor took a puff on his cigarette. “I will just get ze table clean for you.”

“Very much appreciated.” Carlos nodded. “Is your research going well?”

“Yes, very much so. Zese findings are extraordinary.” Victor picked up the empty glasses and stacked them. “My father and I will make a profit on zis mossamander, I can assure you.”

“Good, good.”

“Hm…” Vicente’s cock was getting soft. “Do you have some spare tissues? I’d better clean myself off before I go back to the bar.”

“I’m sure Nymlus can help with that.” Carlos laughed.

“Right, right.” Vicente walked closer to Nymlus so she could start licking off the remaining fluids.

“Mmm… party’s already over? Aww.” Nymlus mumbled while licking up the cum and sweat on Vicente’s balls. “Thanks for the fun, everyone.”

“Are you coming back to the bar, Nymlus? I must return soon, before I lose too many customers.”

“I can try,” Nymlus smiled. “But I think it will be hard for me to get anywhere like this.”

“Aye, I almost forgot,” Carlos spoke up. “Pretzel, can you bring us a bucket?”

“Roh? Bucket?” Pretzel nodded. “No problem, Carlos.”

“And place it over there,” He pointed at the space behind Nymlus. “Figure it’ll be easier for Victor to clean up the room this way.”

Pretzel got up and grabbed a bucket from one of the side rooms, then put it behind Nymlus as requested.

“What are you guys doing?” Vicente said.

“Just getting your good friend ready to leave.”

Carlos snapped his fingers, undoing the spell in an instant and causing a cum flood to come rushing out of Nymlus and into the bucket they had prepared. She gasped in shock as she gradually shrunk back down to her normal size, the sensation not entirely unpleasant but unlike anything she had felt before.

“Wow…” Nymlus panted. “You guys are incredible.”

“Mostly Carlos.” Pretzel chuckled. “He’s the smart one, ah-huh.”

“Well, I’d better get going.” Vicente looked at his little companion, lying there on the table and soaked in the fluids of every male in the room. “Nymlus, do you need a hand?”

“Yeah, I think I do.” Nymlus smiled. “I’m pretty dang exhausted.”

Vicente picked the little dragon up from the table and held her in his arms. She was sticky all over. Yeah… he would definitely have to take another shower today. A shower for two, perhaps.

Carlos waved. “Go in peace, friends.”

“See ya.” Faust said.

“Hey,” Victor walked out of the kitchen towards the frilled petal dragon and shoved a business card into her hands. “I think my father would enjoy your services, Nymlus. Just call ze compact on ze card if you ever would like to make some extra money, hm?”

“Sure.” Nymlus winked. “I’d be happy to help.”