[Orobas] [Andre looking proud of his graffiti]

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Sorry for the long absence, guys. I've been trying to sort out mental health stuff and finally emerged on the other side of a long and frustrating cave. I'm going to be sticking lots of doodles up on the Patreon in the coming weeks, since we're still working on Alice's Day Off. Eevee and I missed the original Kickstarter launch date due to Life Shenanigans, but decided we'd do it anyway when we could. So I'll be working on that in the coming months and probably just posting relevant doodles and concepts until it's released, so as to not accidentally overwhelm or overwork myself again. I just needed a change of pace, and ink doodles are going to be the way I achieve that - since I don't need to be at a computer constantly in order to make them, or anything like that.

Thanks for the patience! Look forward to me posting art again.