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Insects and Autographs

Story by Luvaci for Nymlus!


Dreams floated through her head during her slumber. Good drinks, good company… that’s all she ever wanted. The bar was everything she could have ever wanted, and she was right there, tending to customers like a professional. What a pleasant dream! Time seemed not to matter, as though it could go on forever. She could have woken up at any time, or not at all. It was unfortunate when something began to stir her awake. Some sort of shaking.

“Nym…” a voice called. It was familiar.

“Nym! Get up already!”

The shaking to Nymlus’s shoulder forced her awake. The flower-faced lizard lazily opened her eyes, which were still unfocused and saw only colors blurring together. Her body straightened out from its curled position and stretched as she yawned aloud, only to hear a sigh from the one who woke her up. As her eyes focused, she could see her co-bartender staring down at her. He appeared mildly upset.

“You know it’s four hours into business time, right?” the lamini scolded, hands on his rather wide hips. “The customers might think you’re cute when you’re sleeping, but I have enough to do without also having to dip your tail in everything. That’s your job!”

It was easy for Nymlus to shrug off the scolding. Being half-awake softened the blow of pretty much anything, after all. Still, one thing Vic said caught her attention. “Four hours..? Again..?”

Vic sighed and rested himself on his arms over the bar, “Well, not like you missed much anyway. We got some people when we opened, but everyone’s still out there waiting for a chance to get an autograph from that guy. … Not that I would if I weren’t working, or anything.”

This made Nymlus giggle. She remembered how excited everyone had been over some young star announcing that they’d visit the city. Some sort of author of a book series that mostly children and young adults enjoyed. “I’m sure he’s not a weirdo! Maybe you’re just too old to understand?”

As if he was ready for it, Vic shot right back, “Coming from the one who just fell asleep on the bar for hours!”

Though it sounded like they were about to get into an argument, the two were all smiles. They didn’t mean anything by it, and they both understood. It was the kind of dynamic Nymlus enjoyed with him, and he was always gentle when the situation required it. He was also a little less than gentle sometimes, when the situation required it. She liked that part.

Even still, a worry hung over Nymlus’s head. “Vic…” she began, turning to look out the window. “... I think I’d like to take a walk, while we’re still slow. I need to wake myself up a bit.”

Vic looked understandably puzzled. “Uh… well, I figured sleeping as much as you have been would be good enough, but... are you feeling alright?”

Being completely honest with herself, Nymlus wasn’t sure. However, she didn’t want to make him worry. “Yeah! I think I just need some fresh air…”

Hearing this, Vic crossed his arms and raised a brow, “Oh? Are you taking a nice walk all the way to the port for an autograph?” Though it sounded accusing, his playful smile took the edge off of it. He didn’t even wait for an answer before dismissing his own joke. “Go ahead. Just try and hurry back if you see a crowd headed this way, alright?”

“Alright!” Nymlus replied quickly. She slipped off of the bar and out the front door she went, leaving Vic to his various chores. She felt a little bad about that, but it was probably for the best that she did this.

As Nymlus headed down the side path along the road, she noticed how deserted everything seemed. No one was around, all presumably at the port instead. She didn’t understand the whole thing about being starstruck. What value was an autograph, anyway? Just a name on an object!

While Nymlus continued thinking about the ridiculousness of popular culture, she didn’t quite notice herself slumping. Her eyelids began to feel heavy. Her muscles ached, like her body was urging her to lay down again. By the time she did realize it, she couldn’t help letting out a large yawn.

“Still tired…” Nymlus muttered, eventually no longer feeling like standing. She laid down on her belly, realizing that sleep was becoming inevitable. Was something wrong? She tried to shake it off, making her petals fluff around in the attempt, but it did nothing to jar her awake. Her body mandated rest all of a sudden, and she had to obey. She finally closed her eyes, and within a minute, she was out like a light.

A strange sensation followed. In her dreams, she was flying. How fun! Nothing but clouds as far as the eye could see. She could steer herself at will, dive, pull up, anything she wanted. An easy dream to get lost in, for sure. It felt like it went on indefinitely, soaring through the endless sea of clouds like a winged creature.

By the time Nymlus began to stir, there was no telling how much time had passed. Her eyes opened to the blurry view of faint light against brownish, bumpy walls. She didn’t recognize her surroundings, prompting her to scramble awake. It all came back to her within seconds. Her heart raced as she looked around, realizing she was moved.

As far as Nymlus could tell, she was now in a place with bumpy, wooden walls that had visible lines across them, much like the inside of a tree. The ground under her appeared similar, and didn’t feel rough to the touch. She was able to stand, though she was still groggy enough that walking was a problem. She wobbled toward the one exit she could see; a dimly-illuminated tunnel leading to who-knows-where.

“Please cease your movement.”

The strange voice came from above. Nymlus lifted her head and saw a rather low ceiling, and on it was a red figure with pointed, frond-like wings and a coiled tail that both blended into a bright greenish color… it looked much like a dragonfruit fly. She was somewhat familiar with fruit flies; they tended to live around vegetation and often stimulated growth of the fruits that they resembled. They were very helpful! … But they weren’t known to talk, and dragonfruit flies in particular weren’t native to the area.

“... What..?” Nymlus asked. Maybe she dreamed it, and the insect wouldn’t respond to her. It wouldn’t be that far-fetched after what had been happening to her lately. However, she could see the mild glint in the fly’s eyes as it seemed to focus its view on her.

“Your health is compromised. Please remain here for a time.”

Not only was it talking, it was… very good at it. Maybe too good; its tone hardly wavered as it spoke. Nymlus’s first thought was to pinch herself to see if she was actually awake. The mild sting let her know that this was, indeed, real. She proceeded to sit down and try to process the situation. She fell asleep in the city… and now she was inside a tree with a talking fly.

The strange fly suddenly took flight, minorly startling Nymlus as it landed right in front of her. It was about the size of her head, but otherwise didn’t seem very imposing. She was able to get a better look at it now that it was up close. Two of its six green legs were held up as if they were arms, and its large eyes were entirely white with black flecks within, resembling the compound eyes of other insects. They looked up at her thoughtfully.. “Your cooperation is appreciated. Would you like an explanation?”

It was almost an insulting question. While still sitting up, Nymlus crossed her arms and hardly hid the fact that she was perturbed, “I don’t even know where I am!”

Unfazed by Nymlus’s tone, the fly replied in the same calculating tone he’d been using, “You are exhibiting symptoms of a sleeping sickness normally contracted from creatures native to the Heaven’s Keys. You will continue to sleep at random intervals without a cure.”

Nymlus’s eyes widened. The delivery was so… cold. She almost became scared… then shook her head in disbelief. “Hang on, how do you know all of that? And how did you get me here..?!”

Once again, the insect just outright answered with unsettling calmness, “I had been observing you before your symptoms showed. When you fell unconscious outdoors, I brought you here.”

It didn’t quite add up. Such a small thing bringing her here? Nymlus kept herself from scoffing to remain polite, “No offense, but you don’t really look like you can carry me…”

“I am able to carry more than twenty times my own weight,” the insect responded quite promptly. It didn’t even sound like a boast, maintaining the dry, informative tone from earlier.

Could fruitflies really do that? Nymlus hadn’t studied up on them enough to know, so it wasn’t like she could argue over it. There were more important issues anyway, if this talking insect were to be believed.

“But… how would I get a sickness from Heaven’s Keys? I’ve never been near there...” Nymlus asked, only to have one more question press her mind, “... and why were you watching me?”

For the first time, the fly was given pause. It did eventually respond, “Sicknesses drift due to port traffic, and affect some species more or less than others. You were unlucky.”

It made sense to Nymlus. She was in close contact with bar patrons regularly, and there was a rush of outsiders thanks to the impending celebrity visit. However… “... You didn’t answer my other question.” She peered curiously at the insect, who remained silent for a while longer. It was acting strange, relative to before.

“... You are attractive.” the insect finally admitted. “I am invested in your survival, but also desire certain activities I’ve witnessed you perform with males of various species.”

It wasn’t every day that a strange talking bug flattered Nymlus. She wasn’t sure how to take it… especially when she thought about what ‘certain activities’ meant. She couldn’t help becoming mildly confused. “Wait… you mean sex? You tell me I’m sick and then you tell me you want to have sex? That’s… weird.”

This time, the bug replied as promptly as usual, “Your well-being is the number-one priority of this endeavor. You may disregard my desire if you wish.”

The insect’s politeness caught Nymlus off-guard. Who knew that the first sentient fruit fly she’d meet would be so… nice. So nice, in fact, that his attempt to ‘seduce’ her was… not very subtle. She briefly wondered how fruit flies even have sex, but snapped out of it, “Let’s… focus on curing me, then I’ll think about it.”

“I understand. I will not pursue it,” the insect replied, pausing between sentences a bit longer than usual.

This stirred… something within Nymlus. It wasn’t necessarily guilt, more like the nagging feeling of a missed opportunity. “W-well, I mean…” she began, only to realize that a tired ache was beginning to settle into her body again, “... l-listen, I’m getting sleepy again… please, if you have a cure, I need it…”

“Of course,” the dragonfruit fly responded quickly, turning and flying with haste out of the ‘room’ they had been speaking in. Presumably, he was going to another part of the tree to get… something.

Nymlus sat, suddenly feeling alone. As weird as the fly was, it wasn’t bad company, but it didn’t feel like enough to calm her. She didn’t know where she was, or where it was relative to the bar, or even the town. What if she fell asleep again and something else happened? Her worries followed her as she curled up on the wooden surface, trying her hardest to stay awake.

The familiar buzz of fly wings kept Nymlus from entering full unconsciousness. She watched through half-lidded eyes as the red figure quickly approached overhead, gripping something between his six legs. Whatever it was, it was dropped unceremoniously right in front of Nymlus.

It was a large leaf that the bug had been holding curled upward to contain some sort of gelatinous, blue substance. With the leaf now flat, the gel was plainly in view, holding a strange pill-like form.

“Please ingest this,” the dragonfruit fly requested of Nymlus.

While not the first time Nymlus had been offered a strange substance, working in a bar and all, she was momentarily hesitant. She had no idea what it was or how the fly had gotten it, but the fear of falling asleep yet again, got the better of her. With a lazy crawl forward, she sunk her snout into the weird gel and slurped it up into her mouth.

It was… really quite sweet. Warm, too. It slid down Nymlus’s throat without breaking apart, landing as one big, pleasantly warm mass in her belly. The warmth immediately spread all over her body in a way that made her shudder from the cozy sensation. She found herself rolling over onto her back and sighing as the pleasant feeling washed over her body. Strangely, despite all of this, she also felt a surge of energy.

“Would you like an explanation of the various flora that were responsible for both your symptoms and your cure?” the fruit fly asked Nymlus, stepping close to her.

“N-no, that’s fine,” Nymlus replied, eventually sitting up. The tired feeling was gone, replaced by warmth all over. The substance had indeed cured her, but wasn’t without some interesting effects of its own. Namely… where it was making her warm.

All over.

Nymlus found herself breathing a little heavier only a few minutes after taking the medicine. Not for any reason she didn’t realize, of course. She looked down between her legs, sitting with them shamelessly spread. Something needed to go between them. Immediately, she turned to the insect, attempting not to show how absolutely desperate she was becoming for a good screwing, “Eheheh… th-thank you so much. I… d-do you have a name?”

“I do not function in society and have no need for a name. Most of the time, I merely observe,” the fly replied, as stuffy as ever.

“Fine. I’ll call you… Flynn,” Nymlus concluded. Really, she just thought of something with ‘fly’ in it. She was too worked-up to give it much more thought.

Flynn replied quickly in confirmation, “Very well. I shall remember that you wish to address me as Flynn.”

“Uh, yeah…” Nymlus was finding it increasingly hard to focus. She remembered how she refused Flynn earlier. The idea of doing anything sexual with him felt… not entirely out of question, but strange. After these events, however… she was having other thoughts.

Flynn’s compound eyes stared up at Nymlus, odd-looking but friendly. “Would you like me to guide you back to your residence?”

He wasn’t even thinking about it anymore after Nymlus had rejected him. It really would be a missed opportunity if she didn’t say something. He was a bug, and really pretty stuffy for her tastes, but she couldn’t ignore what her body wanted anymore. It was betraying her. “Uh… before we do that…” she began, swallowing hard as she thought of how to begin, “... can I take you up on your offer?”

“Offer?” Flynn repeated back to Nymlus. “Which offer? Please be more specific.”

The needy petal dragon had little patience for this. She rolled onto her back, breathless with lust as she showed herself off to the strange insect and begged him, “Please… y-you said you wanted this before..! Please, do everything you wanted with me..!”

Nymlus expected another stuffy, knowledgeable retort, but it never came. Instead, she briefly shuddered as she felt tiny, soft insect legs climb up over her side. Flynn was standing upon her chest, looking down at her quietly. She almost became concerned about this behavior, but then he turned around.

The backside of the dragonfruit fly was mostly unremarkable, but Nymlus couldn’t help feeling a perverse excitement as her eye caught view of a subtle slit on Flynn’s underside. Something small and pink was already protruding from it. Without thinking, Nymlus lifted her paw and touched it tenderly. It was warm, smooth… and began growing out immediately.

Nymlus watched in awe as the insect atop her began growing an erection from her touch. Flynn’s wings fanned out briefly in excitement as his dick slid further and further out from his body, eventually proving to have a span of length at least a fair bit longer than his actual form, and with considerable thickness. This insect was larger than some of Nymlus’s more traditional partners.

Suddenly, Nymlus found herself panting with excitement. Her hot breaths washed over Flynn’s considerable girth, and she couldn’t help herself anymore. Far removed from her earlier refusal, Nymlus was now taking a dragonfruit fly’s dick as far into her mouth as she could get it. Its tapered, seemingly prehensile length curved down her throat with ease, allowing her to take most of it before having some difficulty.

As Nymlus began to blow the fly standing atop her, she could feel him readjusting his footing and sometimes twitching subtly, but otherwise remaining quiet. Maybe his instincts were getting the better of him in this act. That only drove her on further, coaxing her to suckle lewdly on the bug’s massive endowment as she bobbed back and forth upon it.

Nymlus briefly considered whether she had been drugged or not. To suddenly be filled with this much burning desire to get fucked wasn’t entirely out of her normal behavior, but she usually had better control than this! She couldn’t stop herself from going down on Flynn eagerly, letting his surprisingly thick cock dive down her throat each time.

Suddenly, Flynn pulled out from Nymlus’s mouth, allowing her to see that smooth, pink dick now covered in her saliva and its own fluids. The warmth in her body turned to a tingle as those little insect feed tipped about on her body, turning Flynn around to face her.

Flynn’s face wasn’t expressive in the way other creatures were, but his body language was cute, in a way. Nymlus noted how his wings now stayed extended, and he held his uppermost limbs to his body tensely as he angled his lower body to poise his dick between her legs.

Nymlus’s earlier begging had been taken quite literally. Flynn’s earlier careful nature had been replaced by a very clear, open desire to breed her. This excited Nymlus, as she felt her lower body tingle with so much need that she had trouble lying still. When the insect’s abdomen shoved downward, spearing that thick length into her, she rolled her hips upward into it and moaned out with delight.

Being screwed by a bug was not something Nymlus ever thought much about wanting, but now that it was happening, she could understand the attraction. The normally-polite fly immediately went to town on her, contending with some bigger creatures in the rhythm and stamina he could maintain. His long dick drove deep into Nymlus, slick and lewd as it pumped along her insides, curling slightly with strange prehensile movements.

For a moment, Nymlus almost thought about saying something. This was a sentient creature, after all… but one could hardly tell from this moment. His feet continued to adjust atop her body, constantly finding the proper footing to keep his thrusts well-angled. With Nymlus’s current state, this sent her into a fit of tension as she came, arching her back and squeezing around the insect’s cock as it pounded her with surprising force.

Somewhere in that moment, Flynn’s thrusts became slow, lurching, and constant. Amidst the warmth already assaulting Nymlus’s senses, a veritable flood of even greater heat began welling up inside her. She knew that feeling well, the sensation of being filled to the brim with cum. This insect produced more than many bigger fellows as well, it seemed.

To Nymlus’s surprise, this did not mark the end of the fruit-like insect’s romp. Where most creatures would be exhausted, he continued again, screwing her as eagerly as ever. She rolled her head back and moaned softly as that long dick worked her pussy, easily sliding through its own fluids. She wasn’t even sure it ever stopped injecting her, now able to feel it drooling down over her tailbase onto the wooden surface beneath them.

This went on for another session, it seemed like. Nymlus was relentlessly pounded by the fly standing over her belly, though that puddle under her tail grew more and more. That’s when Nymlus realized that this ongoing fucking was the bug working his entire orgasm out into her. It made her shudder to think about it.

Eventually, Flynn’s movements slowed to small jerks of his abdomen, followed shortly by him pulling his now-sloppy length out from Nymlus’s lewdly-stretched pussy. His cum oozed out of her with nothing to keep it inside, leaving her a panting mess.

The tickle of the fruit fly’s small feet traveled up Nymlus’s body, and she looked up to see him standing atop her chest. Still out of breath, she looked into his weird, spectacled eyes and realized what an odd thing she just did. … but it felt so nice…

“Are you satisfied?” Flynn asked, cocking his head with what could only be curiosity.

Catching her breath, Nymlus nodded and sighed, “Y-yeah…”

Nymlus didn’t know what else she could say. The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she was. She just begged a strange, talking bug for sex, received it, and liked it. He didn’t even seem like her type, with his weirdly robotic demeanor. But… for all that, his nearly tireless performance just a moment ago was something she’d never quite gotten from any other creature.

Flynn broke the silence once again as he crawled off of Nymlus’s body, “Whenever you wish, I can return you to your residence. Your symptoms should no longer be an issue.” That huge dick of his had already retreated back into his body, leaving him completely decent compared to the still-leaking mess he had left Nymlus to be.

Something nagged at Nymlus’s mind, now that she was in a slightly more coherent state. She sat up and looked to Flynn curiously, “Flynn… are you going to keep spying on me?”

A brief moment of silence passed before the colorful bug responded, “I will do as you wish. If you would rather I do not watch you, I will--”

“Oh no, that’s not what I mean,” Nymlus interrupted, smiling, “if you want to be around me, that’s fine! But you don’t have to be so secretive about it.”

It was almost as if Flynn never considered this would happen, which was strange after how knowledgeable and quick-to-speak he had been. “... We can interact more if you wish. I would like to breed you further.”

With his demeanor came a strange amount of forwardness. Nymlus could feel her cheeks getting a little warm as she realized this insect may have been intelligent, yet didn’t quite have the same social inhibitions as others. It was a little exciting. “Well… not during work hours, but…”

“Ah!” Nymlus exclaimed, suddenly remembering, “I still need to work! If I’m not back soon, Vic will be worried sick!”

“Would you like me to take you back to him now?” Flynn asked in his usual monotone, polite way.

Nymlus looked down at the white mess left between her legs. She couldn’t go back to work that way, so that was one stop she needed to make… but she thought of one more. She smiled to Flynn, “Could you take me by a few stops, first?”

The entrance to the bar jingled as it usually does when it opens, and through the door stepped a re-energized Nymlus. There were a few more patrons than when she left, and a lamini behind the bar giving her a very stern look. She was all smiles as she approached him.

“When you said you were going for a walk, I figured it wouldn’t be more than an hour… and what’s that?” Vic asked as Nymlus rounded to the back of the counter with a book in hand. She handed it to him, and his eyes widened.

“This is an autographed first-print of his newest..!” Vic realized, eyes widening. He then quickly cleared his throat and regained his composure, “... ahem, I mean… his series isn’t quite for my age group, but I respect his work and uh… am pleased to have his autograph. As a respectful adult.”

While Vic was obviously trembling while attempting to contain himself, Nymlus just giggled. “Why don’t you take the rest of the night off and read it? I feel really good now, and it’s mostly cleanup at this hour anyway, right?”

“R-right!” Vic agreed. Still putting on a stoic facade, he leaned down low and gave Nymlus a smooch on the cheek. “Thanks for thinking about me. I don’t know how you got this, but it must have been difficult! This book isn’t being released until tomorrow!”

Nymlus looked away and smiled, trying not to appear sly, “Don’t worry about it… enjoy your book!”

As Vic retreated to his quarters with the book in tow, Nymlus sighed and began to sweep up with a small broom meant for her use. Left to her thoughts and a few quiet, older patrons, she couldn’t help but once again be amused at how much excitement an autographed book from some writer caused.

She was happy enough just to suck the guy’s dick to get it.